The story behind Inspired By Coral-Lynn

Life is a celebration! Each day is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities that beckon us to heed the call to be the best we can be. At every corner the universe calls out to us, showing the way, whispering encouragement, urging us on our journey. But often we are too busy preparing for the future, that we forget to live in the present. We worry so much about tomorrow that we forget to live today. We let the wonder of our world slip through our fingers without a second thought.

Inspired by Coral-Lynn grew from a desire to share positivity with friends; to chase away the shadows and demons that lurk on the edges of all our lives. It began simply with Coral-Lynn sending a Thought for the Day to friends and colleagues, and this simple gift from her heart soon became so much more.
Today, it is about leading the way in inspiring and encouraging positive thinking, but yet being realistic about the ups and down of life that we all experience. It is about celebrating it all!
You can share Coral-Lynn’s joy for living on Facebook with her personally selected thought for each day, you can read her weekly blog on , you can purchase motivational prints for yourself or as gifts, you can make her book your daily companion and you can purchase the ultimate gift – the Inspired by Coral-Lynn wall calendar.