Break The Addiction

Are you addicted to sharing your problems? Ever stopped to listen to yourself when someone asks you how you are? Or perhaps even listened to your response when someone asks you how you are?

Breaking Addiction

Sometimes out of habit people respond by saying “I am fine”, but nine times out of ten people launch off into a list of all the negative things that they believe beset their lives. And given a chance they will give plenty of details about the problems they are facing.

This is the most counter-productive thing that anyone can do. Focusing on our problems alone will only give them more power. Will only make them grow. And that is not going to make them go away.

Sometimes it is more important to focus on those things for which we should be grateful, and to focus on those things that are positive in our lives. And by focusing on the good things, we will begin to attract more good. The positive will attract more positive energy.

Positive energy is contagious. As you continue to focus on the positive aspects of your life, this good energy will grow and invade your life and the lives of those around you.

But to make space for all the positive energy, we need to be able to release the negative energy from ourselves. We need to resolve not to allow our problems to besiege us.

We need to accept that not everything will go our way every day and it is perfectly normal to encounter difficulties. It is not normal, however, to allow ourselves to drown in our problems. It is not normal to wallow in the negativity of our own self-pity.

We have to be strong enough to know that the trial and tribulations of living are part of growing, and these do not have to define who we are. We need to pour positivity on all the difficulties we face, and watch them wither.

Break the addiction to share your problems. Share your positivity!

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